g r e y

Rhi Rhi in CÈLINE, Fall 2014
is all my winter 2016 aspirations

d e v o n

Devon Aoki for KENZO
Spring/Summer 2 0 1 4

b i g b i r d


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f u z z y

TIGERLILY TAYLOR photographed for
Charlotte Simone, Spring/Summer 2016

b u n n y

please can somebody turn THE SECRET HISTORY
into a movie or television series already PURLEASE


c o m f o r t

Caroline Brasch Nielsen photographed
in my ultimate comfy dream ensemble

u r n

Roses, Convolvulus, Poppies, and Other Flowers in an
Urn on a Stone Ledge by Rachel Ruysch, 1680s (detail)

w i n g s

Kate Moss by Mert & Marcus
for P O P Autumn/Winter, 2006

t h e n

MIRANDA KERR photographed in 2012 in
New Zealand by Orlando Bloom for t magazine

p j s

S/S 2015


b o a

PRADA, Spring/Summer 2017
Photographed by Virginia Arcaro

p l e a d

dear apple, i'd like to put in a request for
better flower emojis and also the fashun

e x

this was a great moment from chungerz

t w i g g y

f l o w e r

u l t i m a t e

(North, that is)

m u s t

this S H R I M P S coat is ridiculous and wont
go with anything, but we all just gotta have it